Esthers Studio | Behind The Camera's I

If you are visiting this site as a client or prospective client, you are probably interested in knowing what does it mean for me to be a photographer?  Does it mean that I simply hold the camera and shoot? Or does that require a special skill to capture fleeting moments and create images that you are able to look at for many, many years to come?

            The main reason I chose to be a photographer is because I truly like holding on to the memories that are embedded within each person. When I was a little girl in an orphanage in Hungary, I did not have the privilege of having a photographer take pictures of me smiling, playing or being with my parents. This lack turned into an opportunity for me. Now, I am truly thrilled to create memories with the aid of the camera’s eye.

            I started my work in photography with family portraits. My special angle and joy is taking pictures of kids. Their laughter, their innocence, their eyes say so much about who they are and who they may yet become. Most of all, my photographs seek to evoke their happiness. I focus my camera in a way that aims to convey freedom of spirit with a child a family.

            One of the most challenging aspects of my work is get kids to stay still enough to take their portraits.  I like to engage them, giving them the opportunity to take my camera. They love to reciprocate by taking my picture. When I give my camera to a child, his whole face lights up. Each time this happens I am reminded of the first time I picked up a camera. It was a small silver automatic one, with a sliding lens cover.  Having grown up in West Hartford with two academic parents and two older brothers, I had plenty of opportunity to shoot photos with this small camera. My favorite ones came from our Sunday hikes around a colorful reservoir.

            My goal as a photographer now to is to frame happiness through my camera’s eye. I hope to help you create memories that you can share for generations.  When I walk away from a photo shoot, my satisfaction lies in knowing that I shaped something that will endure and remain moving and inspiring for a long time.

            Thank you for choosing Esther’s Studio.